5 Stages


The five stages of a sunburn:

  1. Denial- “It’s not that bad….right? I put on sunscreen…a few hours ago….”
  2. Anger. At anyone. “Why didn’t you remind me to put on sunscreen?!” “Why can’t I just get a tan???”
  3. Bargaining. “It will tan. It will be fine.” “If I wear cool tone clothes this week no one will notice.”
  4. The sad part. “Oh my god it’s not even going to tan its just going to peel”. “From now on long sleeves this summer it is.”
  5. Acceptance. “I messed up. I would say I am going to learn from this experience, but I will probably fry my skin next weekend again.”

Sorry GoT


I know that you never really know until you try and that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and all that. But I think it is a form of self-care to not try things because I am scared that I WILL like them, and then my life will be ruined. Some examples:

-Game of Thrones. I am not ready to be that emotionally distraught.

-Getting eyelash extensions. With my blonde lil lashes I would probably love them. That’s why I can’t even start.

-Pandora Premium. No sense in getting addicted to yet ANOTHER monthly membership (I learned my lesson with Audible).

-Lululemon leggings. I have a feeling if I splurge on one pair it will be all over from there.


Sappy Sunday #11


Here is a quick refresher in case you’ve forgotten/don’t know what Sappy Sundays are:

We are constantly scrolling, viewing, and interacting on social media. Lots of the time the news we see there, the posts that get the most attention, etc, are negative. By adding in various Pinterest Boards, Instagram Accounts, Facebook Pages, etc that promote positivity, I have made my social media and more pleasant and uplifting experience for myself, and I want to share those things with you!

Today I am loving the Instagram account of: Karen Salmansohn

Karen Salmansohn 

While she also has a great website, I have more interactions with her Instagram, and it never fails to make me stop scrolling and say “okay okay”.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 4.51.13 PM

$ Talk


I know I know, money can’t buy happiness. Some day “well I would rather cry in a Ferrari”, but honestly I don’t like driving, so I personally would rather be miserable in the back seat while my chauffeur drives.

But I do realize money cannot fix everything. For example:

Money cannot fix cold sores. It can be used to purchase more things that say they fix cold sores, but NOTHING fixes cold sores really.

Money cannot get back that white shirt you loved that you spilled pasta sauce on. It can buy another shirt, maybe even the same one. But not THAT shirt that you wore on your most favorite birthday yet that is now unwearable.

Money cannot keep gum at the perfect chewing consistency forever.


(Although if you have been considering giving me a million dollars please do not feel discouraged from doing so!!)

Sorry but


I am going to admit something I do. Instead of judging the person who posts too many selfies (for one, I would be judging myself wayyyy too often), I am super judgy when people post a photo, and then delete when it doesn’t go with their aesthetic, get enough likes, or whatever.

For one, I need to just take a chill pill, because who cares what people do? For two, I not so secretly really want to be someone with a cohesive Instagram aesthetic who makes money just for posting a pic of me eating some form of dairy free ice cream, so I need to just let other people live.




Things that I am mad that I like:

-Birkenstocks. They look stupid. They are expensive. They don’t hold up well in the rain. They are annoyingly comfortable and great because when I wear them my feet never hurt even after ten hours of standing. Ugh.

-Getting sunburnt. Is it worth the potential skin cancer? Absolutely not.  But I secretly love it because it means I might look kinda tan in-between the red lobster and peeling phase.  Ugh.

-Eating vegan. I know, how more stereotypical can I get? While I am not one hundred percent vegan all the time,  when I do eat vegan I feel SO much better in my body. And it’s easier. Are those things worth the way it seems to make other people uncomfortable? UGH.

Sappy Sunday #10

Sometimes you have to hide positivity throughout your life to remind yourself to be great when you least expect it. Easy ways to do this is to make your lock screen on your phone, your laptop background, etc. Something fun and uplifting.

In honor of 10 weeks of Sappy Sundays, here are some images I have loved having pop up in my life:


The Romance of New York


If someone asks you why you like someone and you reply “they are so funny and cute”, it’s kinda considered a cliche. But let’s remember, cliches exist for a reason. Like who doesn’t like cute and funny people?

So admittedly, when I was getting ready to move to NYC, a place I had never been, I had a romantic idea of skylines, eclectic bustling crowds, and high fashion all taking place on a fire escape. I also knew that there were realities like the crazy tough rental market and blunt east-coasters that had the potential to break down this movie-like dream of mine.

AND YET: I moved here, into a room with an easily accessible fire escape. I take a donation based ballet class in a dingy studio full of houseplants and giant windows, and I spend every day off that I have in a museum or in Central Park.

So I will reiterate: cliches exist for a reason.

Empire State of Mind?


I’ve only been in New York a couple months, have not braved the winter yet, obviously am not an expert. However, I have already discovered that the magic of the city (that I am already falling in love with) is entirely up to the individual

Yes, it’s a dirty place here. But if you wake up and go out expecting to see trash everywhere, you will see nothing but piles of garbage. If you tell yourself it’s nothing but fast moving crowds, you will always find yourself on the most crowded subway car.

But if you let yourself be inspired by all the people around you, all the different styles you see, all the conversations you can eavesdrop on, you will be constantly inspired. And if you look for stunning skylines, all you have to do is lift your chin to be stunned.